Sentence Examples with the word noel

PIERRE ANTOINE NOEL BRUNO DARU, Count (1767-1829), French soldier and statesman, was born at Montpellier on the r 2th of January 1767.

During the administration of Noel Ballay (1848-1902), governor of the colony 1890-1900, Konakry was transformed from a place of small importance to one of the chief ports on the west coast of Africa and a serious rival to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The greatest danger lay in the republican-democrats and their socialist ally, Francois Noel (Gracchus) Babeuf.

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The expedition of Major Noel in 1919 to northern Kurdistan had revealed a very general and genuine desire for separation from Turkey and independence.

His works include: Mes Loisirs (1863); La Voix d'un exile (1867), a satire against the Canadian government; boreales, and Les Oiseaux de neige (1880), crowned by the French academy; La Legende d'un peuple (1887); two historical dramas, Papineau (1880) and Felix Poutre (1880); La Noel au Canada (1900), and several prose works and translations.

A selection from his statistical writings was published in 1885 under the editorship of Mr Noel Humphreys.

Stone Anselm Joseph McLaurin Andrew Houston Longino James Kimble Vardaman Edmund Favor Noel .

Thus, several French writers - notably, Tannery and Noel - regard them as dilemmas advanced, with some measure of success, in refutation of specific doctrines attributed to the Pythagoreans.

FRANCOIS NOEL BABEUF (1760-1797), known as GRACCHUS BABEUF, French political agitator and journalist, was born at Saint Quentin on the 23rd of November 1760.