Sentence Examples with the word nodule

In 1897 Peary brought the largest nodule to New York; it was estimated to weigh nearly loo tons.

D, bacteria from nodule of lupin, normal undegenerate form.

Later the nitrogen-content of the nodule decreases, most of the organisms, which are largely composed of proteid material, becoming digested and transformed into soluble nitrogenous compounds which are conducted to the developing roots and seeds.

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In the cells of the nodule the bacteria multiply and develop, drawing material from their host.

The nitrogen-fixing nodule bacteria can be cultivated on artificial media, and many attempts have been made to utilize them for practical purposes.

The heaviest nodule weighed over 20 tons.

A, root nodule of the lupin, nat.

It was hard to believe the little nodule on the screen was actually a baby, but the doctor was certain.