Sentence Examples with the word nod

Just then the third round of drinks arrived, apparently as a result of a nod to the waiter by Cynthia Byrne.

She nodded and accepted Evelyn's far-fetched explanations just as she might nod and temporarily accept the equally unreal world of Star Wars.

She can take Martha's place, trying to calm Howie down enough so he can nod off but keep beating on her the importance of keeping her mouth shut.

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Anna Pavlovna greeted him with the nod she accorded to the lowest hierarchy in her drawing room.

At her nod he shrugged.

She heard very little of any of them but somehow managed to nod when required and even respond with words her shocked mind did not hear or understand.

Both smile and nod were returned.

Rissa watched Sirian read it, nod in satisfaction, and proclaim it was as he had said.

He took the gun from her hand and indicated the horse with a nod of the head.

At her nod he continued.