Sentence Examples with the word nobly

His ideal may have been academic, but it was the dream of a mind that thought nobly both of religion and of the state.

In that year Wagner visited Paris for the third time; and after much negotiation, in which he was nobly supported by the Prince and Princess Metternich, Tannhduser was accepted at the Grand Opera.

Never before, since the age of Margaret, had Denmark been so well governed, never before had she possessed so many political celebrities nobly emulous for the common good.

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His motives were lofty, his life blameless, his plans for reform nobly conceived.

The third and fourth volumes preserve the register of his deeds and words from 1870 to 1885; they contain, among other things memorable, the nobly reticent and pathetic tribute to the memory of the two sons, Charles (1826-1871) and Francois (1828-1873), he had lost since their common return from exile.

Rather as that city which most nobly expressed the noblest attributes of Greek political existence, and which, by her preeminent gifts both of intellect and of moral insight, was primarily responsible, everywhere and always, for the maintenance of those attributes in their integrity.

Yes, it is a tomb in which hope, joy and the power of acting nobly lie buried.

According to all the accounts which have reached us, few men on whom the distinction of beatification has been conferred could have deserved it more nobly than Fra Giovanni.

Oh! time was, when as the sunrise nobly spurred me, so the sunset soothed.

And the deep colouring of the South, on days when the sunshine blazes least, had been caught by him and presented nobly at Antibes and Villefranche.