Sentence Examples with the word noble

Rodrigo Diaz, called de Bivar, from the place of his birth, better known by the title given him by the Arabs as the Cid (El Seid, the lord), and El Campeador, the champion par excellence, was of a noble family, one of whose members in a former generation had been elected judge of Castile.

As on your physiognomical voyage you sail round his vast head in your jolly-boat, your noble conceptions of him are never insulted by the reflection that he has a nose to be pulled.

The Durazzo Pallavicini palace has a noble facade and staircase and a rich picture-gallery.

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The prevailing feeling is a noble spaciousness both in scale and in form, an equanimity based upon knowledge and character, a grandeur of conception expressed by severely simple execution, There is nothing superfluous, nothing common, nothing trivial.

The noble statuette of Cheops in ivory, found in the stone chamber of the temple, gives the only portrait of this greatest ruler.

This many-sidedness of view is illustrated by the curious blending of noble and merely utilitarian sentiment in his account of friendship: a friend who can be of no service is valueless; yet the highest service that a friend can render is moral improvement.

She gave him his love of music and schooled him in all the proper ways a noble man should behave.

The Cape Monthly Magazine, the most important of the periodicals, was issued from 1857 to 1862, and was again continued under the editorship of Professor Noble from 1870 to 1881.

Berengaria, a woman of very noble character and eminent ability, deserved a better husband than her cousin of Leon, who was nicknamed El Babosothe Slobbererand who appears to have been epileptic. In 1212 the king of Castile reaped the reward of long years of patience.

The Winnipeg, which flows from the territory lying south-east of Lake Winnipeg, is a noble river some 200 m.