Sentence Examples with the word nobel prize

For his preparation of fluorine he was awarded the Lacase prize in 1887, and in 1906 he obtained the Nobel prize for chemistry.

He received medals and prizes from many learned societies and in 1907 was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics.

He was the recipient of many British and foreign awards and honours, amongst these being the Royal and Hughes medals of the Royal Society in 1894 and 1902 respectively, the Hodgkins medal of the Smithsonian Institute of Washington in 1902, the Nobel Prize for physics in 1906, enrolment as honorary graduate of many universities, and as honorary fellow of numerous American and continental scientific academies.

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In 1908 he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

In 1913 the Nobel prize for physics was conferred upon him.

For his researches in this department he was in 1903 awarded a Nobel prize jointly with Pierre Curie.

In 1913 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and utilized the whole amount, L8,000, for the upkeep of the school at Bolpur.

In 1903 they were awarded the Davy medal of the Royal Society in recognition of this work, and in the same year the Nobel prize for physics was divided between them and Henri Becquerel.

In 1902 he received the Nobel prize for medicine, in 1911 a K.C.B., and in 1918 a K.C.M.G.

Lastly, there are two agencies which cannot be classed among the foregoing; one is the International Parliamentary Union and the other the Nobel Prize Committee.