Sentence Examples with the word nobel

He's not only seen Howie's flying saucer but he had proof, pictures with little green men, and an owner's manual to their ship, and, by his definition a self-centered jerk with most of his brain somewhere on an Interstate highway or a motor home grill stands in his way from announcing his findings and waiting for a call from the Nobel committee.

It really is embarrassing how many scientific advancements resulted from accidents, including Alexander Fleming's 1928 discovery of penicillin, Louis Pasteur's 1879 discovery of the principle of vaccination, and Wilhelm Roentgen's accidental discovery of X-rays, for which he earned a Nobel Prize.

As Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has noted, democracies don't have famines.

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The first attempts to utilize the explosive power of nitroglycerin were made by Nobel in 1863; they were only partially successful until the plan, first applied by General Pictot in 1854, of developing the force of gunpowder in the most rapid manner and to the maximum extent, through initiative detonation, was applied by Nobel to nitroglycerin.

Together with Frederic Mistral, he was awarded the Nobel prize in 1904.

In 1903 they were awarded the Davy medal of the Royal Society in recognition of this work, and in the same year the Nobel prize for physics was divided between them and Henri Becquerel.

In 1913 the Nobel prize for physics was conferred upon him.

In 1904 he was awarded a Nobel prize, and at the end of 1905 he became president of the Royal Society, of which he had been elected a fellow in 1873, and had acted as secretary from 1885 to 1896.

He received medals and prizes from many learned societies and in 1907 was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics.

He was the recipient of many British and foreign awards and honours, amongst these being the Royal and Hughes medals of the Royal Society in 1894 and 1902 respectively, the Hodgkins medal of the Smithsonian Institute of Washington in 1902, the Nobel Prize for physics in 1906, enrolment as honorary graduate of many universities, and as honorary fellow of numerous American and continental scientific academies.