Sentence Examples with the word nob

With the loss of Shiloh is explained the appearance of the priests at Nob outside Jerusalem (xxi.

Chinatown, at the foot of Nob Hill, covers some twelve city blocks, and with its temples, rich bazaars, strange life and show of picturesque colours and customs, it is to strangers one of the most interesting portions of the city.

But it is clear that Nob (I Sam.

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The account of the ferocious slaughter of the priests of Nob at Saul's command by Doeg the Edomite is a secondary tradition and probably of late origin (1 Sam.

It is evidently regarded as the one which had been in Nob (I Sam.

Xxi., and this slaughter may possibly be identified with the massacre at Nob recorded in I Sam.

The tradition that David slew Goliath, brought his head to Jerusalem, and deposited his sword in Nob (xvii., cf.

Anathoth, a few miles to the north-east, points to the cult of the goddess Anath, the near-lying Nob has suggested the name of the Babylonian Nebo, and the neighbouring, though unidentified, Beth-Ninib of the Amarna tablets may indicate the worship of a Babylonian war and astral god (cf.