Sentence Examples with the word no idea

She had no idea who was right: Wynn, who thought she was deteriorating, or Gabriel, who wasn't going to let her die, so he could exact some sort of passive-aggressive revenge over eternity.

These numbers only show that he, although an eyewitness, has no idea of large numbers; in reality the army of Cyrus may at the very utmost have consisted of 30,000, that of Artaxerxes of 40,000 men.

While getting him back to the house was a monumental achievement, we had no idea if the time or even the date was correct.

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Don't be embarrassed, you have no idea how thrilled I am by this.

He had no idea if he possessed the strength to stop his fall once the loosened slack had expired.

We had no idea it was anything but meaningless scribbles.

He had no idea if she'd respond or not; he did it more to irritate her than because he was thirsty.

He already felt the loss of her calm energy, but he had no idea what to do about it.

It was the fact that she had no idea where they were.

He had no idea how to interpret the warning.