Sentence Examples with the word nitro

The nitro group behaves very similarly to the hydroxyl group. The effect of varying the position of the nitro group in the molecule is well marked, and conclusions may be drawn as to the orientation of the groups from a knowledge of the crystal form; a change in the symmetry of the chemical molecule being often attended by a loss in the symmetry of the crystal.

On the chromophoreauxochrome theory (the nitro group being the chromophore, and the hydroxyl the auxochrome) it is necessary in order to explain the high colour of the metallic salts and the colourless alkyl and aryl derivatives to assume that the auxochromic action of the hydroxyl group is only brought strongly into evidence by salt formation.

NITROBENZENE, C 6 H 5 NO 2, the simplest aromatic nitro compound.

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Aiphatic Nitro Compounds.-The nitroparaffins may be obtained by the action of the alkyl iodides on silver nitrite (V.

The primary compounds form nitrolic acids of the type R C (: NOH) NO, the secondary yield pseudo-nitrols of the type RR': C(NO)(NO 2), whilst the tertiary nitro compounds are not acted upon by nitrous acid.

By passing hydrochloric acid gas into an ethereal solution of the acids, the nitro group is eliminated and the hydrochloride of an oximido-acid is obtained (A.

The products of the action of nitric acid on cellulose are not nitro compounds in the sense that picric acid is, but are nitrates or nitric esters.

Meyer, which are formed when nitrous acid acts on primary aliphatic nitro compounds.

Tertiary nitro compounds may also be obtained by the oxidation of the corresponding amino-, hydroxyl amino-, and nitroso-hydrocarbons with monopersulphuric acid (E.

The primary and secondary nitro compounds (i.e.