Sentence Examples with the word nitride

Pure amorphous boron is a chestnut-coloured powder of specific gravity 2.45; it sublimes in the electric arc, is totally unaffected by air at ordinary temperatures, and burns on strong ignition with production of the oxide B 2 0 3 and the nitride BN.

The fixation of nitrogen as a nitride has not been attended with commercial success.

It appears to be silver nitride Ag 3 N, but it usually contains free silver and sometimes hydrogen.

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Aluminium nitride (A1N) is obtained as small yellow crystals when aluminium is strongly heated in nitrogen.

Rend., 1902, 1 35, P. 73 8) obtained ferrous nitride, Fe3N2, and ferric nitride, FeN, as black powders by heating lithium nitride with ferrous potassium chloride and ferric potassium chloride respectively.

After fusion, the melt is well washed with dilute hydrochloric acid and then with water, the nitride remaining as a white powder.

Soc., 1868-1870), who showed that the supposed vanadium obtained by previous investigators was chiefly the nitride or an oxide of the element.

A nitride appears to be formed when nitrogen is passed over heated iron, since the metal is rendered brittle.

A heavy white precipitate, consisting of ammonium chloride and columbium nitride, is thrown down, and the ammonium chloride is removed by washing it out with hot water, when the columbium nitride remains as an amorphous residue (Hall and Smith, loc. cit.).

When heated in a loosely covered crucible with magnesium the nitride Zr 2 N 3 is formed (Wedekind, Zeit.