Sentence Examples with the word nitre

Although this method appears more troublesome, it allows the amount of nitre to be more easily and more accurately regulated.

H, Acid eggs or reservoirs for B, Nitre oven.

The precipitated gold is washed, treated with salt and sulphuric acid to remove iron salts, roughly dried by pressing in cloths or on filter paper, and then melted with salt, borax and nitre in graphite crucibles.

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He now began the course of Christian conferences at the College Stanislas, which attracted the art and intellect of Paris; thence he went to Nitre Dame, and for two years his sermons were the delight of the capital.

Potassium nitrate is chiefly used to make nitre paper, which on burning emits fumes useful in the treatment of the asthmatic paroxysm.

The acid is found to exist to a slight extent in the free condition in some waters, but chiefly occurs in combination with various metals, as nitrates, principally as nitre or saltpetre, KN03, and Chile saltpetre, NaNO 3.

The offensive taste of rape oil may also be removed by treatment with a small proportion of sweet spirit of nitre (nitrous ether).

Ordinary sulphuric acid, H 2 SO 4, may be prepared by dissolving sulphur trioxide in water, a reaction accompanied by a great evolution of heat; by the gradual oxidation of an aqueous solution of sulphur dioxide, a fact which probably explains the frequent occurrence of sulphuric acid in the natural waters rising in volcanic districts; or by deflagrating a mixture of sulphur and nitre in large glass bells or jars, absorbing the vapours in water and concentrating the solution.

His Memoire pour le retablissement n France de l'ordre des freres precheurs was then prepared and dedicated to his country; at the same time he collected the materials for the life of St Dominic. When he returned to France in 1841 he resumed his preaching at Nitre Dame, but he had small success in re-establishing the order of which he ever afterwards called himself monk.

Thus he clearly described the preparation of hydrochloric acid by the action of oil of vitriol on common salt, the manifold virtues of sodium sulphate - sal mirabile, Glauber's salt - formed in the process being one of the chief themes of his Miraculum mundi; and he noticed that nitric acid was formed when nitre was substituted for the common salt.