Sentence Examples with the word nisi

He was less successful in addressing juries, and towards the close of his career did not take Nisi Arius work, but in the court of appeal and House of Lords and before the judicial committee of the privy council he enjoyed a very large practice, making for some time fully Li 5,000 a year.

On all hands he was then considered dignus imperio - it was only as the new administration went to pieces that people began to add nisi imperasset.

Principes vero delectatione bonae famae largissimi, gens adulari sciens, eloquentiis in studiis inserviens in tantum, ut etiam ipsos pueros quasi rhetores attendas, quae quidem, nisi jugo justitiae prematur, effrenatissima est; laboris, inediae, algoris, ubi fortuna expedit, patiens, venationi accipitrum exercitio inserviens.

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The lion is a not uncommon device: - Je su lion bon par avisoun; sum leo, quovis eo, non nisi uera veho; je su rey des bestes; leo tegit secretum.

In conformity with the motto of the city, Nisi Dominus frustra, there are numerous handsome places of public worship. St Giles's church, which was effectively restored (1879-1883) by the liberality of Dr William Chambers the publisher, has interesting historical and literary associations.

Et quod per saecula cuncta sit pro foro et nullus sit ausus istud forum aliter appellare nisi forum de Corduba, et jubeo et mando quod omnis morator et populator ...

On the other hand, at nisi prius and on the criminal circuit, he was accused of frequently attempting unduly to influence juries in their estimate of the credibility of evidence.

The gist public astonishment, when the case came on for trial there was no defence, and on the 17th of November 1890 a decree nisi was granted.

At one with Johannes Muller in the conviction psychologus nemo nisi physiologus, he was the first in Great Britain during the 19th century to apply physiology in a thoroughgoing fashion to the elucidation of mental states.

In 1800 he was entered as a student at Lincoln's Inn, and, after a short connexion with the Morning Chronicle, was called to the bar in 1806, and at once began to report cases decided at nisi Arius (i.e.