Sentence Examples with the word nipple

The child has only to have its mother's nipple in its mouth in order to infer something very like the mutually pressing parts of its own mouth.

This time he created enough suction to pull her nipple well into his mouth - feeding tube and all.

Whatever the case, Natalie began suckling as soon as the nipple was in her mouth.

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Billwiller introduced the idea of sucking air into the flame at or just below the burner tip, and at this juncture the Naphey or Dolan burner was introduced in America, the principle employed being to use two small and widely separated jets instead of the two openings of the union jet burner, and to make each a minute bunsen, the acetylene dragging in from the base of the nipple enough air to surround and protect it while burning from contact with the steatite.

During the early period of their sojourn in the pouch, the blind, naked, helpless young creatures (which in the great kangaroo scarcely exceed an inch in length) are attached by their mouths to the nipple of the mother, and are fed by milk injected into their stomach by the contraction of the muscle covering the mammary gland.

Carmen lifted Matthew's tiny head in the crook of her arm and let his little body rest in her lap, using her other hand to guide the nipple into his mouth.

Alex straightened the feeding tube across her shoulder and watched anxiously as Matthew mouthed the nipple and feeding tube.

He released the nipple and started to cry.

She latched onto the nipple, sucking so hard that air leaked between her lips and the nipple with a squeaky sound.

Carmen detached Matthew from her nipple and handed him to Alex, who sat down beside her.