Sentence Examples with the word ninth

Accordingly, in ' the ninth book, when they are still protected by the rampart (see 348 sqq.), he rejects gifts and fair words alike; in the sixteenth he is moved by the tears and, of Patroclus, and the sight of the Greek ships on fire; in the nineteenth his anger is quenched in grief.

But another and apparently insuperable objection may be raised - that the appendages of the ninth segment are the stylets, and that the gonapophyses cannot therefore be appendicular.

As the fleets actually did come to action, the Dutch with a few English ships pressed on the French van, their leading ship being abreast of the ninth or tenth Frenchman.

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On the fourteenth post-oral in Apus, on the ninth post-oral in female Astacus and in Cyclops.

After his return from his Egyptian campaign, he was preparing an expedition against Rhodes when he was overtaken by sickness and died, on the 22nd of September 1521, in the ninth year of his reign, near the very spot where he had attacked his father's troops, not far from Adrianople.

Smaller appendages (such as the stylets of male cockroaches) may be carried on the ninth segment.

The first Lateran council (the ninth ecumenical) was opened by Pope Calixtus II.

RICHARD MENTOR JOHNSON (1781-1850), ninth vicepresident of the United States, was born at Bryant's Station, Kentucky, on the 17th of October 1781.

These processes are not altogether homologous with those of the ovipositor, being formed by inner and outer lobes of a pair of structures on the ninth abdominal segment.

There was nothing at Ninth and Locust but a boarded-up storefront and a stillness like the day after the end of the world.