Sentence Examples with the word nineveh

Calah was burned thou h the stron walls g YP, g g of Nineveh protected the relics of the Assyrian army which had taken refuge behind them; and when the raiders had passed on to other fields of booty, a new palace was erected among the ruins of the neighbouring city.

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In the following year the old king found it needful to hand over the command of his armies to the Tartan (commander-in-chief), and six years later Nineveh and other cities revolted against him under his rebel son Assur-danin-pal.

He thereupon returned to Nineveh and on the 8th of Sivan formally ascended the throne.

By r5 m., and contains the ruins of Nineveh at Kuyunjik and Nebi Yunus, of Dar Sargon at Khorsabad to the N.E.

After delivering his message to Nineveh he makes himself a booth outside the walls and waits in vain for the destruction of the city (probably iv.

The fragments of it which have been recovered from Assur-bani-pal's library at Nineveh and later Babylonian copies show that it was studied, divided into chapters entitled Ninu ilu sirum from its opening words, and recopied for fifteen hundred years or more.

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This circumstance might, if it stood alone, be explained by placing Joel with Zephaniah in the brief interval between the decline of the empire of Nineveh and the advance of the Babylonians.