Sentence Examples with the word ninety-four

Petrie considers that one of the kings buried at Abydos, provisionally called Nar-mer and whose real name may be Mer or Beza, preceded Menes; of him there are several inscribed records, notably a magnificent carved and inscribed remembered that even Manetho attributes to him ninety-four years; its length probably caused the ruin of the dynasty.

The treatise occupies one hundred and sixty-two pages, and there is an introduction by Mark Napier of ninety-four pages.

Before the Zulu devastations the natives belonged to the Ama-Xosa branch of the Kaffirs and are said to have been divided into ninety-four different tribes; to-day all the tribes have a large admixture of Zulu blood (see Kaffirs, Zululand and Bantu Languages).

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In 982 London was burnt, and in 994 Olaf and Sweyn (the father of Canute) came with ninety-four ships to besiege it.