Sentence Examples with the word ninety-five

Luther was thus roused to publish his momentous ninety-five theses on the subject of indulgences on October 31, 1517 (see Luther) .

They were simply ninety-five sledge-hammer blows directed against the most flagrant ecclesiastical abuse of the age.

His Ninety-five Theses made six different assertions about Indulgences and their efficacy: - i.

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In his hastily drafted Ninety-five Theses he sought to limit the potency of indulgences, and so indirectly raised the question as to the power of the pope.

Luther nailed ninety-five theses on the church door on that day, the 1st of November 1517, when the crowd could see and read them.

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The Schlosskirche, to the doors of which Luther nailed his famous ninety-five theses in 1517, dates from 1439-1499; it was, however, seriously damaged by fire during the bombardment of 1760, was practically rebuilt, and has since (1885-1892) been restored.

Against the attendant abuses the Augustinian monk Martin Luther posted (31st October 1517) on the church door at Wittenberg his famous ninety-five theses, which were the signal for widespread revolt against the church.

He accordingly hastily drafted ninety-five propositions relating to indulgences, and posted an invitation to those who wished to attend a disputation in Wittenberg on the matter, under his presidency.

It must not be assumed that Luther's ninety-five theses produced any considerable direct results.