Sentence Examples with the word ninety

Since 1874 the aim has been to bestow suffrage on all male citizens who shall have attained the age of twenty-one years and shall have been inhabitants of the state for one year, but for the protection of the ballot citizenship for ninety days, 2 residence in the county for four months, and in the election district for thirty days next preceding the election are required.

Another conspiracy to establish a republican government was promptly smothered in Bahia, and the outbreak in Pernambuco was put down after a republic had been formed there for ninety days.

On paper, they had a ninety percent chance of surviving the operation.

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He sent the princes on with an escort of ten men, while with the remaining ninety he collected the arms of the crowd.

During the Civil War he served as a private in the Union army for ninety days in 1861, and two years later took part in the Gettysburg campaign as a volunteer.

The legislature meets biennially in odd-numbered years, the session being limited to ninety days by a constitutional amendment of 1888.

Of these at least ninety are generally accepted as his: of the eleven attributed to him it would be hard to say that they should not be considered authentic. Most doubt has clung to his verse tale The Freiris of Berwik.

My understanding was limited to knowing zero degrees latitude began at the equator and increased to ninety degrees at the poles.

Baker stated that it had required patching for ninety years, because the arch and the high side arches would not work together.

The legislative branch consists of a senate and chamber of deputies, which meets at Bogota biennially (after 1908) on February 1st for an ordinary session of ninety days.