Sentence Examples with the word nina

The mention of Gudea's building a temple for Ishtar in Nina (2800 B.C.) may refer to the Lagash city and an inscription of Dungi, king of Ur (2700 B.C.), said to have been found at Nineveh, might have been carried there by some antiquary king.

One of his finest elegies is translated into English in Nina Davis's Songs of Exile.

Wait until you see what Nina has sewn for you.

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Gis-ukh was made tributary, a certain amount of grain being levied upon each person in it, which had to be paid into the treasury of the goddess Nina and the god Ingurisa.

TO MISS NINA RHOADES Cambridge, Sept. 25, 1901. ...We remained in Halifax until about the middle of August....

Its name to the later Nina or Nineveh - was rebuilt, and canals and reservoirs were excavated.