Sentence Examples with the word nim

By the 14th century the motto Nim pose qui ne veut (i.e.

His voluminous works, of which the most famous are the Sumbun and the Lam Nim Tshenpo, exist in printed Tibetan copies in Europe, but have not yet been translated or analysed.

At marriage they burn benzoin with nim seeds (Melia Azadirachta, Roxburgh) to keep off evil spirits, and prepare the bride-cakes by putting a quantity of benzoin between layers of wheaten dough, closed all round, and frying them in clarified butter.

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That great nim ural feature of Egypt, the Nile, was of course one of the gods; mer name was Hapi, and as a sign of his fecundity he had long and dulous breasts like a woman.

This nether his -ld was known as the Duat (Dat, Ti), and through it passed in t sun on his journey during the hours of night; here too, as nim sy thought, dwelt the dead and their king Osiris.