Sentence Examples with the word nightgown

She wore a nightgown that was a bit too sheer not to be covered by a robe.

His bristly black person, and shagged breast quite open and rarely purified by any ablutions, was wrapped in a foul linen nightgown and his bushy hair dishevelled.

Emerging from the bathroom an hour later half asleep, she put the new nightgown on and climbed into bed.

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She leaped from the bed and struggled into her jeans, tucking her nightgown in while she grabbed her boots.

She put her nightgown on and crawled into bed.

In her room, she undressed and put her nightgown on.

Between the date of her death in 1758 and his own on the 10th of August 17 J9 he fell into a state of prostration in which he would not even dress, but wandered unshaven, unwashed and in a nightgown about his park.

She donned a long nightgown and dropped into bed.

His gaze dropped to her nightgown and his brows lifted.

She sat up, pulling the blanket around her nightgown and shivered.