Sentence Examples with the word night

It had been afternoon when she left the West Coast, and it was clearly in the middle of the night here.

She sighed and stood, removing her clothes and donning a night gown.

Pilate inaugurated his term of office by ordering his troops to enter Jerusalem at night and to take their standards with them.

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The next morning we were astonished to find that she remembered all of them, and recognized every one she had met the night before.

The night he slept with her and condemned her to walk the path that led her to Hell.

Visions of his father, wife, sister, and future son, and the tenderness he had felt the night before the battle, the figure of the insignificant little Napoleon, and above all this the lofty sky, formed the chief subjects of his delirious fancies.

He paused, glancing at the yellow stripe of dawn nudging back the night sky.

He built him a little hut for shelter at night and in stormy weather.

It is a just remark of Thackeray's that he everywhere half-consciously recognizes her as his better angel, and dwells on her wit and her tenderness with a fondness he never exhibits for any other topic. On the 28th of January 1728, she died, and her wretched lover sat down the same night to record her virtues in language of unsurpassed simplicity, but to us who know the story more significantly for what it conceals than for what it tells.

The air was crisp and fresh, the night sky clear.