Sentence Examples with the word nickname

His pet nickname for you.

He was apprenticed to a goldsmith currently named Francia, and from him probably he got the nickname whereby he is generally known; he moreover studied design under Marco Zoppo.

Before it is j oined by the Wisconsin, the Mississippi 1 The badger is not found in the state, and the name probably originated as a nickname for those lead miners N.

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The nickname had been given him by three other salesmen at the office.

The present bridge, the work of Antonio or Giovanni Contino, whose nickname was da Ponte, dates from 1588-91, and cost 250,000 ducats.

It became a leading text-book in the nascent university, and its popular description as the Liber pauperum gave rise to the nickname pauperistae applied to Oxford students of law.

ABECEDARIANS, a nickname given to certain extreme Anabaptists, who regarded the teaching of the Holy Spirit as all that was necessary, and so despised all human learning and even the power of reading the written word.

He cut his hand in his eagerness, and declared that the blood of a king was well shed in securing the destruction of such an instrument whence his popular nickname of Peter of the Dagger (delPunejalet).

She was born at Caserta, on the 26th of April 1782, and received a careful education which developed the naturally pious and honourable disposition that earned for her in the family circle the nickname of La Santa.

It was no doubt a nickname given to the family on account of their red or tawny beards (Lat.