Sentence Examples with the word niche

In a niche is a Houdon bust of Lafayette, a replica of the original presented to the city of Paris by the state of Virginia.

The niche at the entrance, which is rarely wanting, served, no doubt, for the sentry on guard AA FIG.

The principal feature in the mosque is the niche (mihrab), which is sunk in a wall built at right angles to a line drawn from Mecca, and indicates the direction towards which the Moslem should turn when engaged in prayer.

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A niche in front is filled by a statue of the Scottish hero by James Thom (1802-1850), a self-taught sculptor.

He was also a dramatist, and apart from his prominence as a Jewish Nationalist would have found a niche in the temple of fame.

The outer wall is nearly a mile round; over its main gateway is a niche with a figure representing, possibly, Edward I., but more probably, de Lacy.

He never liked being on the hot seat and he'd found his niche with this job.

In the south transept of the church is the tomb of the founder; the figure of Galeazzo guarded by angels lies under a marble canopy, with the Madonna in a niche above.

His second son, Bernard or Benjamin Norton, has, like his father, a scandalous niche in the Dunciad.

There is an inscription, not yet interpreted, over the greater idol, and on each side of its niche are staircases leading to a chamber near the head,.