Sentence Examples with the word niagara falls

The principal buildings of the city are the Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital, the Federal Building and the Niagara Falls Power Co.

The Niagara Falls and Clifton steel arch (fig.

The village of Niagara Falls was for a time called Manchester.

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In Castner's process (as employed at Oldbury and Niagara Falls and in Germany) fused caustic soda is electrolysed.

The most significant stage in this series of changes occurred when the glacio-marginal lake wateis were lowered so that the long cuesta of Niagara limestone was laid bare in western New York; the previously confluent waters were then divided into two lakes; the higher one, Erie, supplying the outfiowing Niagara river, which poured its waters down the escarpment of the cuesta to the lower lake, Ontario, whose outlet for a time ran down the Mohawk Valley to the Hudson: thus Niagara falls began.

He especially owed his celebrity and fortune to his idea of crossing Niagara Falls on a tight-rope, i ioo f t.