Sentence Examples with the word ni

The long prevalent estimation of Priscillian as a heretic and Manichaean rested upon Augustine, Turibius of Astorga, Leo the Great and Orosius, although at the Council of Toledo in 400, fifteen years after Priscillian's death, when his case was reviewed, the most serious charge that could be brought was the error of language involved in rendering a',' ni ros by innascibilis.

The invention of the mechanical air-pump is generally attributed to Otto von Guericke, consul of Magdeburg, who exhibited his instrument in 1654; it was first described in 1657 by Gaspar Schott, professor of mathematics at Wurttemberg, in his NI echanica hydraulico-pneumatica, and afterwards (in 1672) by Guericke in his Experimenta nova Magdeburgica de vacus spatia.

Dealing in the same way with the forces Yi, Zi at P1, we find that all three components of the force at P1 can be transferred to 0, provided we introduce three couples L1, Mi, Ni about Ox, Oy, Oz respectively, viz.

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In 1902 he published his own first original play in prose, Cathleen ni Houlihan, which was printed in Samhain in October that year.

Let the axis Ai carry a wheel of N1 teeth, driving a wheel of ni teeth on the axis Ai, which carries also a wheel of N2 teeth, driving a wheel of 113 teeth on the axis A3, and so on; the numbers of teeth in drivers being denoted by Ns, and in followers by ns, and the axes to which the wheels are fixed being denoted by numbers.

These belong to a group of four auxiliary particles called te ni wo ha (or we), which serve to mark the cases of nouns, te (or de) being the sign of the instrumental ablative; ni that of the dative; wo that of the objective, and wa that of the nominative.

In 1901 his opera NI anru was performed at Dresden.

A subsulphide, Ni 2 S(?), results when the sulphate is heated with sulphur or when the precipitated monosulphide is heated in a current of hydrogen.

In the same and the following years he published a collected edition of his Plays for an Irish Theatre, comprising Where There is Nothing, The HourGlass, Cathleen ni Houlihan, The Pot of Broth, The King's Threshold and On Baile's Strand.

These are (r) chiefs, greater and lesser; (2) priests; (3) Mata ni Vanua (lit., eyes of the land), employes, messengers or counsellors; (4) distinguished warriors of low birth; (5) common people; (6) slaves.