Sentence Examples with the word ng

The succession of Mary of Burgundy led to the grant- Mar i ng to Holland as to the other provinces of the Nether lands, of the Great Privilege of March 1477, which restored the most important of their ancient rights and liberties (see Netherlands).

If for important walls, or for small scantlings such as steel concrete generally involves, the concrete should be deposited in quite small quantities and very carefully rammed ng osit- into position.

Is equivalent to three couples 1G, mG, nG in the co-ordinate planes.

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As in the last family, the post-glenoid process of the skull is broad; the whole skull be i ng depressed with a shortened facial portion.

When Horus grew ie set out to avenge his fathers murder, and after terrible ggles finally conquered and dispossessed his wicked uncle; is another version relates, the combatants were separated by th, and Egypt divided between them, the northern part ng to Horus and the southern to Seth.

D i ffer i ng parasites, occurring in widely-different hosts.

The manufacturer having prepared his mixture of leaves, proceeds to damp them, pure water alone being used in the United Kingdom, whereas on the Continent and in America certain S mo ki ng sauces are employed, which consist of mixtures of mixtures.

T i ng into port has been necessitated by a G.A.

Farther up, within the velar area, the rudiments of the cerebral nerve-ganglion ng are seen separating from the ectoderm.

Von Liebig (Ann., 1908, 360, p. 128), from a very complete discussion of triphenyl methane derivatives, concluded that the group i ng A A A was the only true organic chromophore, colour production, however, requiring another condition, usually the closing of a ring.