Sentence Examples with the word next of kin

I was just going to call you for a next of kin name.

No one knew of any next of kin to notify and Dean and Sackler were back at headquarters before four.

This originated a deadly feud between the leaders of the opposite parties, for Joab, as next of kin to Asahel, was by the law and custom of the country the avenger of his blood.

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The person to whom this residue or surplus is left is termed the residuary legatee; should none be mentioned in the will the residue goes to the next of kin (see Executors And Admini Strators; Legacy; Will).

Credo) - is the duty and privilege of the eldest son of the deceased, or, failing him, of the nearest relative who thereby establishes his right as next of kin in respect of inheritance; and those other relatives who have the right to take part in the ceremony are called sapinda, i.e.