Sentence Examples with the word next

There he remained through the long hours of that day debating with himself what next to do.

The Crimea was next conquered and bestowed as a tributary province on the Tatar khan Mengli Girai.

About iroo the conical mitre begins to give place to a round one; a band of embroidery is next set over the top from back to front, which tends to bulge up the soft material on either side; and these bulges develop into points or horns.

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He's climbing a tree next to the wall... he fell... he's up again... and over.

Muscle and white fibrous tissue follow next in order, while elastic tissue and bone are the last to show signs of disintegration.

The next five stations are on the coast or on islands.

During the next session he acted vigorously in opposition, but his conduct was always viewed with distrust by his new associates, and his attacks on the ministry of Lord North grew less and less animated in proportion to its apparent fixity of tenure.

Theobald, count of Blois and Clermont, died in 1218 without issue, and King Philip Augustus, having received the countship of Clermont from the collateral heirs of this lord, gave it to his son Philip Hurepel,whose daughter Jeanne, and his widow, Mahaut, countess of Dammartin, next held the countship. It was united by Saint Louis to the crown, and afterwards given by him (1269) to his son Robert, from whom sprang the house of Bourbon.

The writers of the next century generally condemned him as a mixture of knave, fanatic and hypocrite, and in 1839 John Forster endorsed Landor's verdict that Cromwell lived a hypocrite and died a traitor.

Another followed in the next reign; and in 115, during Trajan's sojourn in the place with his army of Parthia, the whole site was convulsed, the landscape altered, and the emperor himself forced to take shelter in the circus for several days.