Sentence Examples with the word newt

But for its large size - it grows to a length of eleven inches - it is a nearly exact image of the British newt larvae.

It is absurd to call the larva of a newt or of a Caecilian a tadpole, nor is the free-swimming embryo of a frog as it leaves the egg a tadpole.

Maculosa, which lives in plains or at low altitudes (up to 3000 ft.), deposits her young, ten to fifty in number, in the water, in springs or cool rivulets, and these young at birth are of small size, provided with external gills and four limbs, in every way similar to advanced newt larvae.

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Here, then, was Taylor's opportunity for exemplifying the wise toleration he had in other days inculcated, but the newt bishop had nothing to offer the Presbyterian clergy but the bare alternative - submission to episcopal ordination and jurisdiction or deprivation.