Sentence Examples with the word newgate

The buildings; of the monastery of Grey Friars, Newgate Street, were appropriated to it; liberal public subscription added to the king's grant endowed it richly; and the mayor, commonalty and citizens of London were nominated its governors in its charter of 1553.

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The drawbridge of London Bridge having been lowered by treachery, Tyler and his followers crossed the Thames; and being joined by thousands of London apprentices, artisans and criminals, they sacked and burnt John of Gaunt's splendid palace of the Savoy, the official residence of the treasurer, Sir Robert Hales, and the prisons of Newgate and the Fleet.

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Mrs Fry went first to Newgate in 1813, but only as a casual visitor.

This was originally in Newgate Street, but was moved to Hertford in 1778.

At the Revolution he was committed to Newgate for writing in favour of James II.

These extend over a great area north of Newgate Street and east of Farringdon Road.

Thomas died in Newgate gaol, London, but Bartholomew's imprisonment was not a rigorous one.

The buildings on the Newgate Street site underwent reconstruction from time to time, and in 1902 were vacated by the school, which was moved to extensive new buildings at Horsham.

Christ Church, Newgate Street, occupies the site of the choir of the great church of the Greyfriars.