Sentence Examples with the word newfound

Darian was gone, Jonny distracted by his newfound gun, and she in need of a friend.

Jule released his newfound power into her.

She felt centered and refreshed this morning, the newfound hunger for the blood of her mate sated for now.

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Darian closed his eyes and slowed his breathing, not yet able to channel his newfound magic.

She pushed herself away from him as he took another step towards her, a newfound horror creeping through her.

She gazed up at him with newfound admiration.

Her mood improved, Deidre returned to her penthouse with newfound resolve to enjoy the last few months of her life.

He.d send someone to take Hannah to a different sanctuary, unwilling to risk his newfound mate to one as unpredictable as Sasha.

Another of the newfound feelings crept into her.

She admired his newfound air of command but couldn't help resenting him for having a second chance she'd never get.