Sentence Examples with the word newest

The oldest types of form lie on the east side and the newest on the west.

The newest form of the binocular microscope is very similar to the oldest form in which two completely separated be made of A.

In his early writings, for example, more particularly those making up Naturphilosophie, one finds in painful abundance the evidences of hastily acquired knowledge, impatience of the hard labour of minute thought, over-confidence in the force of individual genius, and desire instantaneously to present even in crudest fashion the newest idea that has dawned upon the thinker.

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At a comparatively recent date Australia received its third and newest constituent.

My reinforcements aren't here yet; you'll need to keep moving until I can neutralize the newest threat.

Later they were taken to a room where they were introduced to their newest family members.

It varies in colour from a light brown in the newest lignites to a pure black, often with a bluish or yellowish tint in the more compact anthracite of the older formations.

She listened, glancing in the newest direction of his voice.

Once a member of Franz Delitzsch's class, he became a convinced adherent of the newest critical school.

Apparently his birth was humble, but when the obscure figure of the young Artamon emerges into the light of history we find him equipped at all points with the newest ideas, absolutely free from the worst prejudices of his age, a ripe scholar, and even an author of some distinction.