Sentence Examples with the word newborn

More than once someone had purchased frozen colostrum cubes from her to feed a newborn calf.

Connor isn't nearly as strong as we are, though he is much stronger than a newborn should be.

Jackson stood dumbstruck; amazed the newborn possessed such control.

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She turned and started cleaning her newborn baby.

I can get a newborn baby for you, Carmen - if it means that much to you.

The newborn continued to gawk at his hand.

The newborn gaped at him.

Then off the newborn goes to start a life of vampirism, just like a bird leaving the nest.

Probably in the month of May 428 he assembled all his people on the shore of Andalusia, and numbering the males among them from the greybeard down to the newborn infant found them to amount to 80,000 souls.

Early resocialization appears feasible following emergency surgery in newborn primates.