Sentence Examples with the word new world

It had therefore to find out a new world and a new spiritual function, in order first to establish the existence of what it desiderated, and then to realize and describe what it had proved to exist.

Early in the 16th century it was believed that in the New World would be found the fabled cities and creatures of which Europeans had heard for centuries.

Columbus also in 1492 had landed on San Salvador, and the voyages of the Venetian Cabot along the coast of North America opened up a new world to missionary enterprise.

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Thinking as he did that the New World had been the undisturbed realm of Satan before the settlements were made in Massachusetts, he considered it natural that the Devil should make a peculiar effort to bring moral destruction on these godly invaders.

He wanted to give 17th-century France the modern and industrial character which the New World had imprinted on the maritime states; and he created industry on a grand scale with an energy of labor, a prodigious genius for initiative and for organization; while, in order to attract a foreign clientele, he imposed upon it the habits of meticulous probity common to a middle-class draper.

In later editions the title of this book was altered to Die Osmanen and die spanische Monarchic. It was now his ambition to continue his exploration of the new world thus opened to him.

It occurs throughout the greater part of the Arctic regions, the varieties in the old and new world differing slightly in colour.

The Habitant Was Separated From Oldworld Changes Two Centuries Ago By Difference Of Place And Circumstances, While He Has Hitherto Been Safeguarded From Many New World Changes By The Segregative Influences Of Race, Religion, Language And Custom; And So His Folk Lore Still Remains The Intimate Alter Et Idem Of What It Was In The Days Of The Great Pioneers.

The vast steppes and forest-clad mountain regions of Siberia have assumed a new geo graphical aspect in the light of these revelations, and Asia promise a new world of economic resources to Russian enterprise in the near future.

The above list shows that the usual statement that crocodiles inhabit the Old World and alligators the New World is not strictly true.