Sentence Examples with the word new moon

It Will Also Be Requisite To Attend To The Following Conditions: If The Computed New Moon Be After 18 Hours, The Following Day Is To Be Taken, And If That Happen To Be Sunday, Wednesday Or Friday, It Must Be Further Postponed One Day.

A thin halo seen above the new moon was pictured as a cap, and the association between this and the symbol of royalty, which was a conical-shaped cap, led to interpreting the phenomenon as an indication that the ruler would have a successful reign.

In the Ephemerides published year by year, the times of new moon were given, together with the calculated intervals to the first visibility of the crescent, from which the beginning of each month was reckoned; the dates and circumstances of solar and lunar eclipses were predicted; and due information was supplied as to the forthcoming heliacal risings and settings, conjunctions and oppositions of the planets.

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There were stars in the sky and the new moon shone out amid the smoke that screened it.

The reason is that the sum of the solar and lunar inequalities, which are compensated in the whole period, may amount in certain cases to io, and thereby cause the new moon to arrive on the second day before or after its mean time.

From this point of view it is most significant that in the older parts of the Hebrew Scriptures the new moon and the Sabbath are almost invariably mentioned together.6 Nor are other traces wanting of the connexion of sacrificial occasions - i.e.

In fact, the four quarters of the moon supply an obvious division of the month; and, wherever new moon and full moon are religious occasions, we get in the most natural way a sacred cycle of fourteen or 1 See, further, E.

If, For A Year Immediately Following An Embolismic Year, The Computed New Moon Is On Monday, As Late As 15 Hours 30 Min.

That full moon as well as new moon had a religious significance among the ancient Hebrews seems to follow from the fact that, when the great agricultural feasts were fixed to set days, the full moon was chosen.

If The Last Lunation Of Any Year Ends, For Example, On The 2Nd Of December, The New Moon Falls On The 3Rd; And The Moon'S Age On The 31St, Or At The End Of The Year, Is Twenty Nine Days.