Sentence Examples with the word new haven

Fair Haven was annexed to New Haven in 1897.

NEW HAVEN, the largest city of Connecticut, U.S.A., the county-seat of New Haven and the seat of Yale University.

He was a descendant of one of the founders of the New Haven colony, worked as a boy in an uncle's blacksmith shop and on his farm, and in 1797 graduated from Yale, having studied theology under Timothy Dwight.

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The first settlement in New Haven (called Quinnipiac, its Indian name, until 1640) was made in the autumn of 1637 by a party of explorers in search of a site for colonization for a band of Puritans, led by Theophilus Eaton and the Rev. John Davenport, who had arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, from England in July 1637.

From 1822 until his death in New Haven on the 10th of March 1858 he was Dwight professor of didactic theology at Yale.

The two years after his graduation he spent in New Haven studying theology.

The Connecticut Code of 1650 required all parents to educate their children, and every township of 50 householders (later 30) to have a teacher supported by the men of family, while the New Haven Code of 1656 also encouraged education.

In 1900 New Haven was the most important manufacturing centre in Connecticut, and in 1905 it was second only to Bridgeport in the value of its factory product.

Fitz John Winthrop Gurdon Saltonstall Joseph Talcott Jonathan Law Roger Wolcott Thomas Fitch William Pitkin Jonathan Trumbull The New Haven Colony.

The period of greatest material prosperity of New Haven in the colonial period began about 1750, when a thriving commerce with other American ports and the West Indies developed.