Sentence Examples with the word never-ending

It was done by grants of lands and privileges, the first instalment of a never-ending crop of ruinOus concessions which Stephen continued to make from the day of his accession down to the day of his death.

More data will be saved and more algorithms tested, more obscure data scrubbed in a never-ending search for patterns.

He related his tale of woe while enjoying the never-ending pleasure of seeing the woman he loved in various stages of nakedness.

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The pair spent the balance of the morning emptying the washing machine and dryer, only to fill them with never-ending loads, while in between clearing dishes, brewing more coffee, and playing the jovial innkeepers.

In that year he drafted the instructions which were sent by the town of Braintree to its representatives in the Massachusetts legislature, and which served as a model for other towns in drawing up instructions to their representatives; in August 1765 he contributed anonymously four notable articles to the Boston Gazette (republished separately in London in 1768 as A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law), in which he argued that the opposition of the colonies to the Stamp Act was a part of the never-ending struggle between individualism and corporate authority; and in December 1765 he delivered a speech before the governor and council in which he pronounced the Stamp Act invalid on the ground that Massachusetts being without representation in parliament, had not assented to it.

In one version occurs the incident of the never-ending battle between the forces of Hagen and Hedin.

He paused, leaning against a concrete abutment, mesmerized by the never-ending torrent as it flowed over the edge of the dam.

Afterwards the constant and easy changes of allegiance, as one faction or the other was in the ascendant, the wholesale confiscations and attainders, the never-ending executions, the sudden prosperity of adventurers, the premium on time-serving and intrigue, sufficed to make the whole nation cynical and sordid.

And finally, the area has been plagued by epidemics, never-ending malaria, severe drought, frequent civil wars, unstable currencies, and government corruption.

The first two weeks of June were a never-ending list of chores and activities jammed full with last minute preparations, one workplace crisis following another, and an annoying series of details that demanded Dean's attention.