Sentence Examples with the word never again

This event finally crushed the Coptic nation, which never again made head against the Moslems. In the following year the caliph Motasim, who surrounded himself with a foreign bodyguard, withdrew the stipends of the Arab soldiers in Egypt; this measure caused some of the Arab tribes who had been long settled in Egypt to revolt, but their resistance was crushed, and the domination of the Arab element in the country from this time gave way to that of foreign mercenaries, who, belonging to one nation or another, held it for most of its subsequent history.

He himself never felt at home at Brussels, and in August 1559 he set sail for Spain, never again to revisit the Netherlands.

The house will know where everything in it is; you will never again lose your keys or your child's favorite stuffed animal.

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Athenian art and literature in the 4th century declined but slightly from their former standard; philosophy and oratory reached a standard which was never again equalled in antiquity and may still serve as a model.

He been content to stay in his cottage for another hundred years or never again visit the mortal world.

The king, who had hitherto seemed anxious to repress the action of the clergy against the Lollards, spoke strongly against the petition and its promoters, and Lollardy never again had the power in England which it wielded up to this year.

It never again played a prominent part in Ionian history, and is rarely mentioned.

And Robert the Bruce was never again obliged to hide in the woods or to run from savage hounds.

Napoleon, though he never again worked as he had done, soon freed himself from complete dependence on Marie Louise; and he never allowed her to intrude into political affairs, for which, indeed, she had not the least aptitude.

Compelled at last to capitulate, it was completely dismantled, and was never again fortified.