Sentence Examples with the word neutralization

It is now known, however, that when weak acids or bases are used, the heat of neutralization may be either greater or less than the normal value for powerful acids and bases, so that there is no proportionality, or even parallelism, between the strengths of acids and their heats of neutralization (see Solutions).

Bismarck diverted three Austrian corps by an alliance with Italy, and by consenting to the neutralization of the 1 The Lorenz rifle carried a .57 bullet and was sighted to 1000 yds.; the needle-gun with a much lighter bullet was sighted to 400 only.

In consequence of the quantitative analyses he performed of a large number of salts, he has been credited with the discovery of the law of neutralization (Vorlesungen fiber die chemische Verwandtschaft der Korper, 1777).

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A concentrated acid may be obtained from the diluted acid either by neutralization with soda, the sodium salt thus obtained being then dried and heated with the equivalent quantity of anhydrous oxalic acid (Lorin, Bull.

Alongside this neutralization has grown up a collateral institution, the purpose of which is in some respects similar.

The neutralization of acids by bases affords many illustrations, known even before the atomic theory, of the truth of the statement.

Connected with the principle of neutralization is that of guaranteeing the integrity of states.

It was at one time thought that the greater the heat of neutralization of an acid with a given base, the greater was the strength of the acid.

The future has no doubt still other extensions of the principle of neutralization in store for us.

On the other hand neutralization has made progress in respect of waterways, 1 Under the treaty of the 29th of March 1864, the courts of Great Britain, France and Russia in their character of guaranteeing powers of Greece declared with the assent of the courts of Austria and Prussia that the islands of Corfu and Paxo as well as their dependencies should, after their union to the Hellenic'kingdom, enjoy the advantages of perpetual neutrality, and the king of the Hellenes undertook on his part to maintain such neutrality- (Art.