Sentence Examples with the word neumann

The work of Neumann and Weber had been stimulated by that of H.

His son, Carl Gottfried Neumann (b.

Budde in Z.A.T.W., 1882, P. 45); Vaihinger (1857); Neumann (1858); H.

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Franz Neumann and James MacCullagh, starting from the opposite assumption of constant density and different elasticities, arrived at the same formulae for the intensities of the reflected light polarized in the principal azimuths, but in this case the vibrations must be regarded as parallel to the plane of polarization.

Weber at the same time deduced the mathematical laws of induction from his elementary law of electrical action, and with his improved instruments arrived at accurate verifications of the law of induction which by this time had been developed mathematically by Neumann and himself.

Considerable interest attaches to his early companionship with Wilhelm Neumann and certain others, among whom were the writer Karl August Varnhagen von Ense and the poet Adelbert von Chamisso.

Welby, Oscar Neumann and others.

Among the more characteristic of these schemes adopted at various times may be mentioned those of Miguel (1891), Eisenberg (1891), and Lehmann and Neumann (1897).

FRANZ ERNST NEUMANN (1798-1895), German mineralogist, physicist and mathematician, was born at Joachimstal on the Il th of September 1798.

In the banquet-room of this castle Wallenstein's officers Terzky, Kinsky, Illo and Neumann were assassinated a few hours before Wallenstein himself was murdered by Captain Devereux.