Sentence Examples with the word neueste

Studt published his autobiography in 1891 (2 vols.); see also C. Schwartz, Neueste Theologie (1869); Lichtenberger, Hist.

Freiherr von Vasque von Puttlingen, Ubersicht der Osterreichischen Staatsvertrdge seit Maria Theresa bis auf die neueste Zeit (Vienna, 1868); and L.

Lessing's third residence in Berlin was made memorable by the Briefe, die neueste Literatur betreffend (1759-1765), a series of critical essays - written in the form of letters to a wounded officer - on the principal books that had appeared since the beginning of the Seven Years' War.

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Jahrhundert (Potsdam, 1836-1839); Leben and Taten Friedrichs des Grossen (Meissen, 1840-1841); W allensteins Prozess (Leipzig, 1844); and Preussens Heiden in Krieg and Frieden, neuere and neueste preussische Geschichte, 7 volumes (Berlin, 1849-1860).

The most remarkable of the works from this period are - (I) the Bestimmung des Menschen (Vocation of Man, 1800), a book which, for beauty of style, richness of content, and elevation of thought, may be ranked with the Meditations of Descartes; (2) Der geschlossene Handelsstaat, 1800 (The Exclusive or Isolated Commercial State), a very remarkable treatise, intensely socialist in tone, and inculcating organized protection; (3) Sonnenklarer Bericht an das grossere Publicum iiber die neueste Philosophie, 1801.

Weisse in order to give his whole energy to the Briefe, die neueste Literatur betreffend (1759-1765), carried on by the help speaking countries is equipped, the Jahresberichte and Bibliographien, which give each year a full account of the literature of the subject with which they are concerned.

Hagen, Deutsche Geschichte von Rudolf von Habsburg bis auf die neueste Zeit (Frankfort, 1854-57) O.

The Berliner Neueste Nachrichten, commenting on this appointment, very aptly characterized the relations of the new chancellor to the emperor, in contrast to the position occupied by Bismarck.