Sentence Examples with the word nestor

Meanwhile his cousin Nestor L'Hote, the friend and fellow-traveller of Champollion, died, and upon Mariette devolved the task of sorting the papers of the deceased savant.

Among the more notable names are those of Nestor the chronicler, and Iliya of Murom, the Old Cossack of the Russian epics.

He destroyed sundry sea-monsters, set free the bound Prometheus, took part in the Argonautic voyage and the Calydonian boar hunt, made war against Augeas, and against Nestor and the Pylians, and restored Tyndareus to the sovereignty of Lacedaemon.

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Of the learned societies the more important are the medical (1840), the naturalists' (1869), the juridical (1876), the historical of Nestor the Chronicler (1872), the horticultural (1875), and the dramatic (1879), the archaeological commission (1843), and the society of church archaeology.

His grouping is generally very different from Garrod's, but displays as much artificiality: for instance, Nestor is referred to the family which is otherwise composed of the cockatoos.

See Charles Burdett, Life of Kit Carson, the Great Western Hunter and Guide (New York, 1859; new ed., 1877); and De Witt C. Peters, The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains, from Facts Narrated by Himself (New York, 1858).

Then came an Aeolo-Minyan immigration, which apparently extended to Messenia, though the Pylos of Nestor almost certainly lay in Triphylia, and not at the site which in historic times bore that name.

With this view she sent both for Lord Aberdeen, who had held the foreign office under Sir Robert, and tor Lord Lansdowne, who was the Nestor of the Whigs; and with Lord Lansdownes concurrence charged Lord Aberdeen with the task of forming a government.

By Chloris, daughter of Amphion, Neleus was the father of twelve sons (of whom Nestor was the most famous) and a daughter Pero.

The chronicle of Nestor mentions as inhabitants of the Baltic coast the Chudes, the Livs, the Narova, Letgola, Semigallians and Kors.