Sentence Examples with the word nestled

In addition to the bones themselves, the box contained a ripped plaid flannel shirt, and nestled at the bottom, dirty jeans, boots, and yellowed, soiled undershorts.

Here was nestled the town site of Ironton, a bustling community in the last-century days when silver and gold ruled the area.

She nestled her face between the rough edges of the leather vest.

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She nestled herself comfortably in Dorothy's lap until the kitten gave a snarl of jealous anger and leaped up with a sharp claw fiercely bared to strike Billina a blow.

There, staring up at the group, nestled in an assortment of other bones, packed into a grubby plaid shirt, was a cracked white skull.

As the sun climbed over the mountains, it spread its glow across the snow still nestled in the cracks and crevices above him.

Then, when they saw that he was about to speak, they nestled softly in the grass and listened.

Taran glanced warily toward him as he led the horse toward stables nestled along one wall of the stone fortress.

At all events, I slipped down from the bed and nestled close to the fire which had not flickered out.

As the path turned, the broad side of a metal building came into view, nestled at the foot of a cliff.