Sentence Examples with the word nervousness

Kiera glanced at her, hearing the nervousness for the first time.

There was nervousness in Lydia's voice.

Aside from the dark moods of Rissa and Sirian, Taran sensed nervousness in the guards.

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Dean muttered an agreement as he began to open Dawkins's bureau drawers, more out of a nosy nervousness than anything sinister.

He did not mention this to his daughter, but Natasha noticed her father's nervousness and anxiety and felt mortified by it.

In some people, however, nervousness is induced; and the winds, in particular, often have this effect.

The government was inclined to believe the nervousness was due to Arthur's need for a lot of money in a hurry.

It may be objected that candidates are heavily handicapped by nervousness in oral examinations, but this objection does not afford sufficient ground for rejecting the test, provided that it is supplemented by others.

Owing to the nervousness of Helen's temperament, every precaution has been taken to avoid unduly exciting her already very active brain.

But he resigned it either from conscientiousness, or crotchet, or nervousness at responsibility, or indolence, or more probably from a mixture of all four.