Sentence Examples with the word nero

Henderson, The Life and Principate of the Emperor Nero (1903); also article Nero.

He completed a History of his Times in thirty-one books, possibly extending from the reign of Nero to that of Vespasian, and deliberately reserved it for publication after his decease (N.

Thus he refuses to recognize Nero in the beast and its number.

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He accepted,or appeared to accept, the cognomen of Nero conferred upon him by the shouts of the populace, whom his comparative youth and the effeminacy of his appearance reminded of their lost favourite.

Contains a more developed form of the myth of Nero redivivus in which a panegyric on him (137-141) has been brought up to date by some Jew or Christian, and eulogies of Hadrian and his successors (48-51) side by side with the legend of the miserable death of Titus in quittance of his destruction of Jerusalem (411-413) which probably represents the hope of the zealots who survived it.

Schiller, Geschichte des riimischen Kaiserreichs unter der Regierung des Nero (1872); E.

So Vespasian obtained possession of Palestine - the country which Nero had given him - and for a time it was purged of revolutionaries.

Julius Caesar was the first who used the title continuously (from 58 B.C. to his death in 44 B.C.), as well domi as militiae; and his nephew Augustus took a further step when he made the term imperator a praenomen, a practice which after the time of Nero becomes regular.

Resentment at the treatment he had received from Nero may have impelled him to this course, but to this motive was added before long that of personal ambition.

I'm strictly a stay-at-home couch detective, behind the scenes, back-room guy, like Father Brown or Nero Wolfe.