Sentence Examples with the word neptune

Between the orbit of Neptune and the nearest star known to us is an immense void in which no bodies are yet known to exist, except comets.

In 1693 he was engaged to publish a second volume of the Neptune francais, which was to include the hydrography of the Mediterranean.

The town had no Punic coins, but under the Roman domination there were coins from the time of the Republic. These are of bronze and bear the name of the city in abbreviations, Hadr or HadrVM accompanying the head of Neptune or the Sun.

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The discovery of Neptune (1846), due to the influence of this planet on the motion of Uranus, may be mentioned as its most dramatic achievement.

By the Romans Poseidon was identified with Neptune (q.v.).

Earlier still the sun must have reached to where Neptune now revolves on the confines of our system, but the mass of the sun could not undergo an expansion so prodigious without being made vastly more rarefied than at present, and hence we are led by this mode of reasoning to the conception of the primaeval nebula from which our system has originated.

Cassini, as also in Le Neptune Francois (1693) with contributions by Pene, D.

Three weeks after he had affixed his signature to the printed sheets of the theory of Neptune he died at Paris on the 23rd of September 1877.

Among other French works of importance deserving notice are Le Neptune oriental of Mannevillette (1745) and more especially the Carte geometrique de la France, which is based upon surveys carried on (1744-1783) by Cesar Francois Cassini de Thury and his son Dominique de Cassini.

Walker's Neptune log (fig.