Sentence Examples with the word nepotism

From the charge of nepotism he was entirely exempt; and, to the present day, the purity of his life has never been impugned even by the voice of faction.

The pope was naturally proud of his family and had practised nepotism from the outset.

On her departure the pope, whose venality and nepotism had made him very unpopular with the citizens, died of fever before the arrival of Otto III., who elevated his own kinsman Bruno to the papal dignity under the name of Gregory V.

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Charities on a large scale and unbounded nepotism exhausted the papal treasury.

Oppressive taxation and unblushing nepotism were Clement's great faults.

The chief enemies of nepotism were Alexander VII.

Paul's attitude towards nepotism was at variance with his character as a reformer.

His nepotism was of a less ambitious order than that of Paul III.; but he provided for his family out of the offices and revenues of the Church, and advanced unworthy favourites to the cardinalate.

Alberti, who had been minister of justice since 1901, and was admitted to be the strongest member of the cabinet, was openly accused of nepotism and abuse of the power of his position.

The Great Schism of 1811 marks in fact the lowest point to which the fortunes of the once powerful and popular Church in Wales had sunk; - in 1811 there were only English-speaking prelates to be found, whilst the abuses of non-residence, pluralities and even nepotism were rampant everywhere.