Sentence Examples with the word neighbor

As she passed a neighbor boy, he waved at her, his two missing front teeth displayed in a sweet smile.

Contact with new peoples, and each new neighbor meant a new enemy.

I was informed treacherously by a young Patrick that neighbor Seeley, an Irishman, in the intervals of the carting, transferred the still tolerable, straight, and drivable nails, staples, and spikes to his pocket, and then stood when I came back to pass the time of day, and look freshly up, unconcerned, with spring thoughts, at the devastation; there being a dearth of work, as he said.

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But the combination to despoil a feeble neighbor was outwitted by the energy of a military commander of a remarkable type.

The latter has a central strand consisting of files of large hydroids, separated from one another by very thin walls, each file being separated from its neighbor by stout, dark-brown walls.

His neighbor on the other side, who lay motionless some distance from him with his head thrown back, was a young soldier with a snub nose.

The man's neighbor on one side whispered something to him, pointing at Rostov, who noticed that the old man wanted to speak to him.

I lied to my parents when they asked me, but a neighbor had seen me there.

Josh was certain it was a pack, not simply a gathering of neighbor dogs.

The Sunnite Turk was almost a greater enemy to his neighbor the Shiite than the formidable Muscovite, who had curtailed him of Rupture so large a section of his territory west of the Caspian.